Fire Prevention Services, Inc., offers weed abatement, brush management, public nuisance and abandoned vehicle programs to cities/districts in California. Backed by 26 years of experience we provide a zero cost comprehensive turnkey approach to code/ordinance enforcement. All you have to do is to give us a call and we will schedule a presentation in your area and see if our program fits your needs.

FPSI is on the cutting edge of public safety, working towards a common goal of a fire/safety Violation free California. Property owners, fire/city personnel and citizens can log onto the FPSI web site and have instant access to information and interactive services. The web site includes jurisdiction standards, city/district codes and sensitive habitat information to name a few. Property owners can e-mail the inspector for their region and concerned citizens can report potential or dangerous Violations in their communities. In the Customer Service area you can request information regarding a bill you received or request an estimate to have your property cleared. Our staff at FPSI is dedicated to the communities we serve and meeting your needs.




Service Area

Riverside County

   San Diego County
  Idyllwild   Deer Springs
    East County


   El Cajon
Imperial County   Encinitas
  Brawley   Escondido
  Calipatria   Lakeside
  Calexico   Lemon Grove
  El Centro   National City
  Holtville   Oceanside
  Imperial County   Ramona

Kern County

   San Diego
  Delano   San Miguel
  Wasco   Santee

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           Agencies Standards

Deer Springs Fire Protection Dist
 East County Fire Protection Dist
El Cajon Fire Department
Encinitas Fire Department
Escondido Fire Department
Lakeside Fire Department
Lemon Grove Fire Department
National City Fire Department
Oceanside Code Enforcement
Ramona Municipal Water Dist
Rincon del Diablo Fire PD
San Diego Fire and Rescue
San Miguel Fire Protection Dist
Santee Fire Department
City of Delano
City of Wasco
Imperial County JPA
Idyllwild Fire Protection District


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