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Rincon del Diablo Fire Protection District - Weed Abatement Standards 


1. Trash, rubbish, debris, and other combustible materials that create a fire hazard must be removed from the property and properly disposed of.

2. Properties of one (1) acre or less shall be cleared of hazards in their entirety

3. Properties of more than one (1) acre shall have one hundred (100') feet clearance from structures and fifty (50') feet clearance around the perimeter.  Distance shall be measured in a horizontal plane. 


4. Roadways and/or driveways shall be cleared of vegetation to at least the width of the roadway plus ten (10') feet on each side, and to a height of thirteen and one-half (13 1/2') feet above the road surface. 

5. Contiguous parcels (by the same owner) may be considered as one parcel for the purposes of abatement.  

6. When authorized by the Fire Marshal, additional vegetation clearance and hazard reduction may be required. 

7. Clearance of properties shall be accomplished by methods that will not disturb native soil or rootstock.  Grading shall not be used to clear properties without a valid City/County Grading Permit. 

8. Native chaparral may be thinned as approved by the Fire Department.  Cuttings may be mulched and left on top of the soil to a maximum depth of six (6") inches or may be hauled to an approved County landfill site. 

9. Mature trees must be trimmed to six (6') feet above the ground or as approved by the Fire Department and must be cut back at least ten (10') feet from chimneys.  All leaves, bark, and other debris must be removed from the ground and roof.  


This tree’s branches are too close to the ground, allowing fire to spread easily from the bushes below.

This tree has been "limbed up" to prevent the spread of fire and the bushes have been thinned to reduce the likelihood that fire will spread.



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