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San Diego Fire - Rescue Department Violation Reduction and Clearance Standards

Cut and remove all grass and weeds to approximately two inches in height on flat parcels or parcels with a slope gradient up to 25%. Remove all tumbleweeds, rubbish, litter and combustible debris from property.

When the size of the property exceeds two (2) acres, approved fuel breaks may be established between the property and the endangered property as follows:

Maintain effective fire breaks around and adjacent to buildings and property lines by clearing flammable growth for a distance of not less than thirty (30) feet on each side. All flammable vegetation or other combustible growth shall be cut down to two inches and removed from the property. This shall not apply to single specimens of trees, ornamental shrubbery, or similar plants used as ground covers, provided they do not form a means of rapidly transmitting fire from the native growth to any structure or property line.

Maintain an effective fire break, consisting of clearing not less than ten (10) feet in each direction from the outer circumferences of power poles, telephone poles, or electrical towers.



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