13”6” Vertical Clearance:  Minimum vertical clearance of vegetation required for emergency vehicle access on all roadway, driveways and access roads. 

Abatement:  The elimination of a fire hazard or nuisance as defined by local ordinances.

Administration Fee:  A set fee charged for administrative services.

Arundo:  Any of several coarse tall perennial grasses of most warm areas, reeds.

Barranca:  A deep ravine or gorge.

Chaparral:   A biome characterized by hot dry summers and cool moist winters and dominated by a dense growth of mostly small-leaved evergreen shrubs, as that found in the foothills of California.

Compliance:  The parcel meets the requirements set forth in the local ordinance.

Contractor:  An individual or company who is hired or contracted to perform a service. 

Debris:  Unused or discarded matter having no substantial market value which is exposed to the elements and not enclosed in a structure concealed from public view. 

Fire/Fuel Break:  An area that is cleared of all fuel/vegetation.

Fire Hazard:  A condition that exists on a parcel which is combustible and/or impedes fire suppression efforts.

Improved Property Line:  A parcel adjoining one that has a structure on it.

NOA:  A document recorded with the County serving as constructive notice of the charges due and the pending possibility of them being added to a future property tax special assessment.

Public Nuisance:  Waste material, which, by reason of its location or character, may hamper or interfere with the prevention  or suppression of fire upon the  premises or any adjacent property, or which creates a fire hazard.

Selective Thinning:  Partial removal of vegetation to reduce fuel density.

Sensitive Habitat:  Please refer to the Memorandum of Understanding. MOU

Weeds:  A plant considered undesirable, unattractive, or troublesome, especially one growing where it is not wanted.